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Three Belt Dressing Ideas 

This useful product seals out moisture, makes a great O-ring lubricant, and a dab of this stuff will instantly cure most belt noises like belt dressing only wished it could.

 OBD2 Data Link Connector Locations

Since 1996, all new cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. have been required by law to be equipped with an industry standard second generation on board diagnostic system called OBD2.  Unfortunately, not all data link connectors (DLC's) are found in standard locations.  Check out our site for locations of those hard to find data link connectors. 

Recycling an Old Tool

Did you know it is possible to make something useful from an old wore out hacksaw blade?  There is something unique about a hacksaw blade that makes it perfect for use as a home-made, do-it-yourself electrical terminal release tool.  After you read this tip, you may never throw another old blade away.      



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